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Horse Problem Questions & Answers

Wild Horse Training/Training Mustangs

Mustang Trust Issues

I adopted a 4 year old Mustang mare at the Ocala, FL BLM sale about 17 months ago. She has major trust issues that keeps her from accepting our many attempts to " reach" her. We have only been able to touch her a few times. She is very independent and does not value human companionship. I sense that she was an alpha mare and does not want to " join up" with us in any way. She tolerates us because we furnish her food and water. I have used the cane pole method with her to some degree of success. She always presents her rear end to every human. I was able to get to her right side by pivoting the cane pole on her butt until I was even with her hip bone. She will not allow anyone near her neck or head. She will not allow anyone closer than 3 feet without being put in some sort of squeeze chute or other constraint.

I am hoping that your method may offer a solution to our problem of relating to Blaze. This is one smart horse. IF we can reach her and get her to accept us, she will be a very loyal horse. I can sense that. She must have been through something horrendous to harbor such fear and distrust against humans. I wish she could talk to us and let us know what happened. It would help us understand. As it is, we just judge by her body language when we " stepped over the line" and entered her danger zone. She has NEVER attempted to hurt us or act aggressive toward us. She merely walks or trots away and will not allow us to mess with her.

I sure wish you would develop a video or book for new Mustang owners. This is our first Mustang. While I am learning how to deal with these wild horses, I am NOT new to owning a horse. I had another mare for over 25 years and trained her and showed her. I have been riding horses most of my life. The things that one would use on a domestic horse seems to not be what Blaze needs. I am open for suggestions. Which of your materials would you recommend for a beginning Mustang owner? I am not rich. I can only afford one tape at this point. I would value your opinion.


Dear Pat:

Please take the time to thoroughly read the " Fishing for Mustangs" article on my site. This will give you a real good idea of exactly what we do at the annual Wild Horse Workshops. It begins with the bamboo pole, then into the chute where the hands-on gentling continues and the halter is eased onto the horse. When the horse can tolerate touching, rope treatment, and will drop his head, lead, and back in the chute, then it's time to move out into the 24'x 24' space and teach the horse to dance as demonstrated in my " Discover" video. This process is amazingly effective and seldom fails. We'll be editing our Mustang Gentling Series and contact you when ready.

Update: See our new " Pole Gentling The Wild Horse" video for an in-depth look at another great approach  for working with wild mustangs!

Patience, Empathy, and be Safe

- Frank


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