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Frank Bell's Gentle Solution Revolution

Natural horsemanship clinics, horse training techniques and unique horse training products using Horsewhisperer Frank Bell's acclaimed Gentle Solutions. Frank's Safe and Simple techniques for training horses can achieve instant results - even with problem horses!

Making it Simple!   Making It Safe!   Get There Now!


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Frank Bell's Natural Horsemanship Training Products

Years of refinement have  helped Frank assemble his highly effective product line designed specifically for training horses the Gentle Solutions way! Refreshingly simple, these quality products are exactly the right tools for clear, concise communication between the natural horsemanship trainer and the horse.  Our  products are carefully designed to provide  all of the information and equipment you need to Get There Now!

  Frank Bell's Audio, Video  &   Book Collection

Click NOW to shop for any of the Gentle Solutions natural horsemanship videos.

Frank Bell's comprehensive Audio, Video & Book Collection covering a wide variety of horse and rider training techniques based on the Gentle Solutions and the 7-Step Safety System.



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  Frank Bell's Training Equipment

Click NOW to shop for any of the Gentle Solutions natural horsemanship training equipment.


Frank Bell's  " Mastery Tack Series" Training Equipment includes special halters, leads, harnesses and more made to Frank's specifications and designed to enhance the Frank Bell natural horsemanship training methods!

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  Frank Bell's Special  Training Packages

Click NOW to shop for Frank Bell's package deals on all natural horsemanship products.


Frank Bell's Special Training Packages save you money on popular Audio/Video and Training Equipment combinations starting from the basic essentials to the complete Gentle Solutions horse training system.


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  Frank Bell's Other Favorite Equine Products

Click NOW to learn more about Synergist Saddles


Frank is frequently asked about what his favorite equine products are so we've added them to our growing list of fine quality natural horsemanship training tools and horse care products. Synergist Saddles, Leather Therapy and more...



View Some Of Frank's Other Favorite Equine Products...





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