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Frank Bell's Gentle Solution Revolutionô

Natural horsemanship clinics, horse training techniques and unique horse training products using Horsewhisperer Frank Bell's acclaimed Gentle Solutions. Frank's Safe and Simple techniques for training horses can achieve instant results - even with problem horses!

Making it Simple!   Making It Safe!   Get There Now!


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News and Press

Click NOW to download a large version of this image. Frank Bell's Gentle Solutions natural horsemanship techniques have been written about in numerous publications over many years. To read more about Frank's work, just click any of these links...


Articles By Frank Bell

Moonstruck: Who Is Teaching Whom? by Frank Bell

In retrospect, this accident was actually a life blessing in disguise.


Magnifico's Return To Paradise by Frank Bell

A renewed bond of trust brings out the full potential of a troubled race horse.


The Stall Climber by Frank Bell

."...Itís gotten so bad that entering his stall sends him up the wall. I mean literally up the wall!"


Sahib Waltzes Through His Trauma by Frank Bell

Gentle solutions transform a seriously traumatized horse.


Rowdy's Last Buck by Frank Bell

Rowdy learns that it's easier to get along than to continue his bucking ways.


Lakota's Lasting Adventure by Frank Bell

A close call reminds us of 15 important steps to trailering safety.


Leroy Learns to Let Down by Frank Bell
Leroy just can't seem to let down and relax.


Helping the Abused Horse by Frank Bell
Gain the power to help any horse overcome his greatest fears.


Maggie Learns to Trust Again by Frank Bell

How one mans senseless act set a horse back to not trusting anyone on two legs.


The Logic of Lying Horses Down by Frank Bell

"The horses I've laid down are too numerous to list, but the outcome is the same, a dramatically more relaxed, trusting, confident animal that looks to me for help when bothered. I like that."


Wally and His Girls' Afternoon Adventure by Frank Bell

"Everyone stopped breathing for a few seconds as the horses closed in on one lone figure standing up to ten frantic highly irrational horses."


Milo Moves Into The Passing Lane by  Frank Bell

As the story unfolded it became apparent that Milo had a run-in with a big bull elk.


Lone Ranger Loads Again . . . Finally by Frank Bell

Chuck was exasperated. It took five big men manhandling him to get Ranger into the trailer.


Wild Horses of Abaco by Frank Bell

Sometime in the last five hundred years a group of Spanish horses made their way to Abaco Island in the Bahamas. Now they're almost extinct.


The Fine Art of De-Spooking by Frank Bell

Nurturing, confidence building, feed and space.


Fishing for Mustangs by Frank Bell

John Sharp takes Frank Bell "fishing for mustangs."


From the Ground Up by Frank Bell

It All Begins On the Ground - Horse training starts with establishing a bond of trust and safety.


The Power of Touch by Alex Danea with Frank Bell

In the mid 80's a revolution in horse handling methods began to take hold in the United States.



Articles About Frank Bell

Western Horseman Magazine

Dothan Eagle

Chicago Tribune

Denver Post Newspaper Article 1

Denver Post Newspaper Article 2

Poems written about Frank, too!

    Read some of the best by Jean Hennen


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Frank Bell Biography

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Wild Horse Related Links

Working With Wild Horses

Horses Healing Humans

Mustang Project

2004 Wild Horse Workshop

2003 Wild Horse Workshop

2002 Wild Horse Workshop


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