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Horse Problem Questions & Answers

How Much Room Does A Horse Need?

" ...a very simple question that I am having a difficult time finding the answer to..."

Hi, I have a very simple question that I am having a difficult time finding the answer to on the internet and was hoping that you could help me. My family recently bought a new home and I promised my girls that we would be able to get a horse if we ever moved. I am not sure if we have enough room to board a horse. Our house is on 3/4 of an acre but we don't want to use the whole area for a pasture. How much room does a horse need? I grew up on a dairy farm and we had acres of open land for our horses to run. I am learning about horses all over again and am not sure where to start. But like I stated previously, the biggest question at this point is whether or not I have adequate room to board a horse. I would appreciate any information you could give me or point me in the right direction for educating myself.

Thanks again,


Dear Tiffany:

A couple of thoughts on this. 3/4 acre is about as small as you would want to go. Horses need to be able to run and unwind and be horses. In my mind, it's just barely enough, but could work. Also, horses need companions or they can get pretty sour. As a companion there are many options including: mini horses, goats, another horse, etc. They can get pretty lonely without a buddy - just like us. If you choose to board away from your place, again really check out the facility. Feel the energy there. Talk to other boarders. Be absolutely certain your new horse lives out most of the time and has plenty of room to move and be a horse.

You mentioned " learning about horses all over again." Congratulations on getting back into it. So many middle-aged are returning to the joys of horses. It's a fun rediscovery. Don't make the mistake most do - buying a young horse for the kids to grow up with. Instead, take your time and find a solid older horse that has done it all and will take care of you. Be sure to have the horse checked over by a competent vet. When I say older, I mean 10+ years and not a hot-blooded horse like an Arab or gaited horse. Find a nice older quarter horse type. My first was 23 and free!

Most importantly get some good information as you begin your journey so you do it right. I coach people all the time who've done it wrong. Like any new endeavor, it makes sense to take some lessons, do some reading, videos etc. You can shave years off the learning curve as well as promote you and your kids and the horse's safety. Our main message is about safety and is absolutely the most important aspect of good horsemanship.

We feel our approach is the best there is, otherwise I wouldn't be doing this. So take some time and peruse my site including the three Western Horseman articles. If you like this loving and highly effective way of relating to these wonderful creatures, we offer a variety of products to help you succeed.

Good Luck and Safe Riding,

Frank Bell


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