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Horse Problems

Almost every day someone contacts me about a " problem horse." Often such letters come from someone who had been warned by someone else about ridding themselves of " that dangerous horse" or something similarly worded. The  links shown to the right are to letters from people who have had baffling horse problems that they (and everyone they know), simply could not solve.

Do you have a similar horse problem? Look over the latest list of recent horse problem letters and select any one of them to see if there's a solution to your own horse training problem!

Several decades of working with innumerable problem horses has given me a wealth of experience that I am delighted to share with horse owners. It is for this very reason that I created a " Problem Solving Series" of videos to provide answers to the most vexing of horse training problems. Still, phone and email consulting consume a good part of my day. Throughout this growing list of horse problem letters you may well find the answers to your most difficult challenge if not, let me hear from you and I'll do my best to help you out!

Remember: Make the right thing easy and comfortable for the horse. Conversely, you must make the wrong thing difficult and perhaps even uncomfortable. Most importantly, have your plan and " ammunition" ready. You must react immediately when the unwanted behavior surfaces. If the horse hits the " brick wall" several times, he'll probably stop trying. Above all, be fair!

In the Spirit of the Horse,

Frank Bell



Click now to read the Letter of the Month  Letters Of The Month: FEBRUARY 2009

Good afternoon,

Dear Frank,

I e-mailed you recently regarding some questions I had about achieving the head yield to the side. You asked me to keep you posted on how I was going, so here it is:

I have just come inside from a session with my horse and to my absolute delight he head yielded to both sides perfectly AND ALLOWED ME TO SCRATCH HIS TAIL AT THE SAME TIME!!! It was wonderful to be able to hold such a big animal between my fairly small hands and arms and to see that he WANTED to be there. You could see that he was enjoying it as his nostrils were shaking with delight and he didn't want to move. It's quite incredible to feel such trust from a horse and for me it was such a huge breakthrough I didn't know whether to laugh or to cry. It was the perfect Christmas present for me. Thank you for your advice and help.

Have a joyful Christmas and a happy New year.

Kind regards,

Andrea Guerra



Click now to read the Letter of the Month







Abused Horses

Aggressive Horse

Biting Horses

              Aggressive Biting

              Paso Bites

              What About Biting?

              Colt Nibbling & Biting Problem

Training Young Horses

              Training Foals

              Adopted Filly

Ex Race Horse Training

              Spooky Ex Race Horses

              Saved Ex Race Horse

              Dangerous Race Horse


              Spooky For Life?

              Spooks At Everything

              Arab Gelding Spooks

              Horse Bucks Before Canter

Wild Horse Training

Kicking Horse

Crow Hopping

Hurt Little Filly

Proud Cut Gelding

How Much Room Does a Horse Need?

Round Pen Problems

My Horse Won't Be Clipped!

Horse Bit/Bridling Problems

              Introducing The Bit

              Give To The Bit

              Horse Refuses To Bridal

              Horse Bridling Problems

Who's Boss?

The Right Horse!

Curing Head Shyness

Horse Stopping Problems

              My Horse Keeps Stopping

              Horse Stops, Doesn't Lope

Horse Trailering Problem

Stand Still

Horse Injury

Stallion Problems

Jiggy Horse

Horse Won't Whoa

Horse Rearing Problem

Hates Vet Shots

Horse Bucking

Retired Barrel Racer

Balking & Pull-Back



Click now to read the Letter of the Month



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