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Frank Bell's Gentle Solution Revolution

Natural horsemanship clinics, horse training techniques and unique horse training products using Horsewhisperer Frank Bell's acclaimed Gentle Solutions. Frank's Safe and Simple techniques for training horses can achieve instant results - even with problem horses!

Making it Simple!   Making It Safe!   Get There Now!


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Horse Links

Natural Horsemanship

Vaughn Brown Equine Massage Therapist/Saddle Fitting Consultant

NAGTrader Articles and information on all things equestrian, emphasizing a natural approach to horsemanship with Trader section for horse and tack (buy, sell, loan horses & ponies) and Forums. Articles include bitless bridle, barefoot trim, natural horsemanship, stunt-riders and much more.

Reach Out To Horses

Kiwi Equestrian Adventures New Zealand

Page Turner

Christopher Mitchell

Missy Axton-Wryn Natural Horsemanship Center of Oregon

GentleHorses.com Official site for Colorado Natural Horsemanship Center and Jim Rea, Certified Frank Bell Trainer. Indoor and outdoor horse boarding, riding instruction, hay and gentle horse sales. Services entire Colorado Front Range. Headquartered in Parker, Colorado.

Desert Rose Ranch Bob and Linda Claymier's Desert Rose Arabians is located near the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains in the heart of Virginia horse country. A fine facility that trains all of their young horses using Frank Bells 7 Step Safety Program.

Katherine Barbarite

Frank Bell's Favorite Products Selected products that have earned Frank's personal stamp of approval.

Wild Horse Foundation Non-profit organization dedicated to placing wild mustangs and burros into adoptive homes. Assistance and other services are available. Located in Texas with adopters nation wide.

Stolen Horse International, Inc. (SHI) aims to increase awareness on THEFT and HORSE IDENTIFICATION through education, while providing a service to horse enthusiasts and law enforcement agencies. SHI, home of NetPosse and Idaho Alerts for stolen horses.

Intermountain Wild Horse & Burro Advisors, Inc. - IWHBA, Inc. Serving Colorado, Wyoming, Utah, and the Rocky Mountain - Great Basin States

Friends of Horses Rescue and Adoption - Non-profit corporation dedicated to horse rescue and adoption. Based in metropolitan Denver, Colorado.

PMU Foal Adoption Network, Inc. is a volunteer, incorporated non-profit foal placement group dedicated to minimizing the number of PMU foals that end up at slaughter by facilitating the adoption of these foals into good, loving homes.

North American Riding f or the Handicapped Association (NARHA) The premier site for information on therapeutic riding. NARHA is a non-profit organization whose purpose is to promote the rehabilitation of individuals with physical, emotional and learning disabilities through equine-facilitated activities.

Colorado Horse Rescue (CHR) Colorado Horse Rescue provides shelter, care, rehabilitation and adoption services for abused, abandoned, neglected and unwanted horses..

Educational Institutions

Fairview College Alberta, Canada college that offers formal courses in horse training and horsemanship..

Equine Industry

American Horse Council (AHC) The AHC is totally member supported by individuals and organizations representing virtually every facet of the horse world from owners, breeders, veterinarians, farriers, breed registries and horsemen's associations to horse shows, race tracks, rodeos, commercial suppliers and state horse councils.

Horse Health

Natures Balance To Equine Care - Effective horse care and pest control products that are safe and healthful without pesticides and insecticides, pyrethrums, permectrin, or potentially harmful natural oils.

American Association of Equine Practitioners (AAEP) The AAEP mission is to improve the health and welfare of the horse, to further the professional development of its members, and to provide resources and leadership for the benefit of the equine industry.

Horse Barn Fires: An Avoidable Tragedy One of the worst possible nightmares for a horse owner is to see the glow of a barn fire in the night sky. The real tragedy of most barn fires is that they probably could have been prevented with a few precautionary steps. 

Horse Related Sites of Interest

The Alternative Horse Society The definitive on line directory, with a guide to the many therapy and training styles available today.

Horse Racing Betting System  Offers simple horse racing systems guiding you to recognize signals of inside information and follow them to profit. Also provides free daily horse laying tips.

The Judge's Choice A site for all things equine on the internet

The Cowboy Closet Spring Sale on now! Open the door to Old West Clothing and custom Cowboy hats. Vintage and Period pieces for gentlemen and ladies. Huge selection of large silk scarves. Beautiful ladies' riding skirts. New! Sandhill Candles!


K's Clay Creations Whimsical clay horse sculptures.

Tellington Touch

Horse Tack Review Equestrian news, tack reviews and horse related articles. Shop for tack and submit a review to be entered into Monthly Giveaways.

Natural Horse People Natural horsemanship site featuring resident experts in various aspects of natural horsemanship, including Frank Bell as resident expert on horse communication and training.

Northwest Horse Central Information and resources for northwest horse enthusiast.

The Virginia Equine Extravaganza Annual east coast equestrian expo.

The International Museum of the Horse The largest and most comprehensive equestrian museum in the world. It is dedicated to telling the intriguing story of the horse and his relationship with man.

The Kentucky Horse Park is a thousand and thirty acre educational theme park. It was created to honor the animal whose name has become synonymous with the Bluegrass.

Florida Horse Large number of Florida horse related resources.

FL Horses contains links to a wide variety of horse-related information.

KBR Horse Net Celebration of the horse and good horse enthusiasts everywhere.

Florida Wild Horse & Burro Association The world of Florid a wild horses and burros (and mules!). Here you will learn about the mustangs and burros of the old west.

Global Horsemen features areas of equine interest including, but not limited to, standing stallions, farms and ranches, trainers, breeders and barns and accessories for the horse and all related equipment.

High Prairie Farms Equestrian Center Large, multi-use facility on 470 acres in Parker, Colorado Hosts International Horse Shows and other large scale equestrian events.

Horse Forum Horse Forum is your source for news and expert advice on horse behavior, health, breeding, showing, training and care.

Zion Farms 340 acres of green pastures, private paddocks, winding mountain trails, ponds, secluded picnic areas, gardens, show arenas, conference rooms, guest cottages, a palatial stable and more - all among the pines and mountains of northwest Georgia.

Perry Park Ranch There are many organizations already providing aid to at-risk youth in Colorado communities. Perry Park Ranch provides those organizations with powerful tools to inspire, motivate and rehabilitate the youngsters in their care. The horsemanship skills PPR teaches are the same skills necessary for success in any arena. Essential life skills are taught to teens by adapting PPR's teaching curriculum to address the unique needs of teens who have never touched a horse, seen a ranch, or been away from city streets.

Virginia Horse Center 600-acre Virginia Horse Center in Lexington, Virginia accommodates over 700 horses. First-class coliseum with seating for over 4000 people. A place for competition, education, and recreation.

Costa Rica Horseback Riding Vacation - Horseback Vacation in the beautiful area of the Cloud Forest in Monteverde Costa Rica or Arenal Volcano.

E-Equestrian Horse Chat Forums -Online Equine Community

Horse911.com -One of the largest collections of horse articles around.

International Horse Resources

HorseData UK based portal site dedicated to everything related to horses. Forum, Events Calendar and other services.

Horse-Guide.com Helpful web resource on a variety of horse related topics.

HorseClick Links to many horse related sites.


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Horse Training Video Packages
Frank Bell horse training video & audio library

Video and Audio Library

Frank Bell horse training video & audio library

Complete 12 Video Library plus audio book. This comprehensive, money-saving collection provides you with an in-depth video library for achieving total success with your horse the Gentle Solutions way!


Learn More...


"Problem Solving Series - Plus" Horse Training Videos

Problem Solving Horse Training Video Series

Six problem solving videos including

  • Discover the Horse You Never Knew

  • Spooking & Shying

  • Trailer Loading

  • Solving 7 Common Horse Problems

  • Mounting the Difficult Horse

  • Water & Bridge Crossing

  • Pocket card

Our Problem Solving Series Plus will help you address many of the typical issues we all face with our horses using Frank Bell's Gentle Solutions.


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Additional training tools:

Individual Horse Training Videos



Gentle Solutions Book


Gentle Solutions - Frank Bell's Seven Steps To A Safer Horse


This step-by-step book provides the first definitive guide for mastering the highly acclaimed 7-Step Safety System.

Learn More







Natural Horsemanship Halter

Pro-Yacht Halter/12' Lead  - Franks personal choice!

The yacht lead has added weight for superior feel and maneuverability.


Learn More...


Training Wand

Click to see a larger picture of this tool.

Custom Extendable 4' Wand

Desensitizing/Directional Tool


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Training Packages


Money saving packages combine training equipment and videos!


Getting started package


"Getting Started Package"


- Discover the Horse

   You Never Knew Video

- Gentle Solutions Audio Book

- 12' Pro Yacht Halter/Lead

- T-shirt or Wand

- and Pocket card


Learn More...


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