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Horse Problem Questions & Answers

Horse Hates Vet Shots

" We have a horse that is terrible about them..."

Hi Frank:

Do any of your videos address problems with vaccination shots?  We have a horse that is terrible about them - and we could use some help.

Thank you.

Diane Hall

Tucson, Arizona


Not specifically - yet. That would be a good subject. What I do with overly sensitive horses about shots is us a toothpick to lightly poke, that is after desensitizing the area with my hand by rubbing hard. Keep the horse in a circle so he can't get away. I usually give the shot in the V of the neck/shoulder area. If and when he acts up, make a progressively louder shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh noise and jerk down on the lead, so you make his bad behavior uncomfortable, even more uncomfortable than the shot itself. Do it fast and rub the area afterwards.

I always use the first three steps of my 7-Step Safety System before vetting a horse. That establishes a rapport, respect, and my dominance. I'd suggest you learn these steps not only for the vaccines, but more importantly for you and your horse's safety. This is a pre-flight check before the ride and takes 80-90% of the risk out of the ride.

Take a moment to read the three Western Horseman articles at the news/press link. If you like my approach, get my foundation work " Discover the Horse You Never Knew" which will demonstrate my 7-Step Safety System. We have several packages so you'll have the information and proper tools to succeed.

Some years ago I had a neighbor in Montana with a problem similar to yours. Every time the vet showed up, it became a progressively more dangerous circus. I bonded with the horses, helped them relax and gave the shots and wormer without fanfare. The next year their neighbors also wanted help. By the time it was over I had some vets a bit upset with me, but then they never took the time to relax the horses or didn't know how. So it goes.

Happy Trails and Safe Riding,

Frank Bell


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