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Horse Problem Questions & Answers

Crow Hopping

" Morab mare 'crow hops'..."

I'm buying a Morab mare that " crow hops" I know it's a stiff legged jump but how do I break her of this habit. She's only been ridden twice and the owner says you can stay on if you balance but how do I get her to stop. They trained her for 2 weeks then stopped for 2 months. I don't have a saddle now so would it be wise to train her without one. I don't like saddles much so I may never get one. My name is Michelyn and I'm 16. I've trained maybe one other colt and he never bucked or anything he accepted humans as the dominant ones so I'm not really sure how to break her of the habit.

Michelyn Freeman

Dear Michelyn:

I wish there was an easy answer for you, but starting horses is a lot more than simply getting on and hoping for the best. What has been done is quite dangerous and I strongly recommend you do not ride this Morab until you've learned some ground skills that will promote you and your horse's safety. She's being a nice horse as many of this breeding are, but it's really Russian roulette. I have put together a logical set of exercises for training all horses regardless of age or issue. I use it on horses that have never been ridden as well as seasoned horses. You can read about it on my site at the news\press link in the three Western Horseman articles  beginning with " The Ties That Bind." When you've digested these articles, consider obtaining my " Getting Started Package" along with my " Starting the Young Horse" video.

Riding unbroken horses is serious business. The number of people who end up getting hurt would astound you. Don't become one of these unfortunate souls. When you learn the proper way to handle horses, the crow-hopping will end. Do the right thing Michelyn and please have your parents read my response. I'm certain your safety is of paramount importance to them and the little bit of money you'll spend is a pittance when considering your safety.

Safe riding,

Frank Bell


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